NK Maribor (SLO)

Nogometni Klub Maribor (English: Maribor Football Club), commonly referred to as NK Maribor. Founded on 12 December 1960, Maribor is one of only three football clubs in the country who have never been relegated from Slovenian top flight 1. SNL since its establishment in 1991.

They are regarded as a symbol of Slovenian football particularly in their home region of Styria (Slovene: Štajerska) in the northeastern Slovenia.

Maribor is the most successful club in the country, having won 13 Slovenian PrvaLiga titles, eight Slovenian Cups and four Slovenian Supercups.

The club's Academy, which is hailed as the best in the country, is responsible for youth development at the club and has enjoyed a fair amount of success in producing promising young players. Maribor's nicknames are The Purples (Vijoličasti) and The Violets (Vijolice), both referring to their primary colour purple. The club's motto is One club, one honour (En klub, ena čast).

Maribor's Academy is responsible for youth development at the club, with the goal of developing young players for the future. The academy is hailed as the best in Slovenia and has been enjoying a fair amount of success in producing promising young players.

Aljaz Ramot
defender 1999-06-20

186cm/72kg/right footed

Bevk Domen
forward 2000-11-06

178cm/69kg/right footed

Canjko Tibor
goalkeeper 1999-05-15

184cm/67kg/right footed

Celar Zan
forward 1999-03-14

186cm/77kg/right footed

Dobaj Stas
midfield. 2000-07-02

170cm/64kg/right footed

Hodzic Adis
defender 1999-01-16

169cm/63kg/right footed

Horvat Tomi
midfield. 1999-03-24

176cm/72kg/left footed

Jurca Alen
goalkeeper 2001-01-15

179cm/70kg/left footed

Koblar Luka
defender 1999-08-08

191cm/66kg/left footed

Kolmanic Zan
midfield. 2000-03-03

176cm/66kg/left footed

Kotnik Jan
forward 2000-06-22

171cm/61kg/left footed

Kovacic Zan
midfield. 1999-04-06

177cm/59kg/right footed

Matko Aljosa
midfield. 2000-05-29

175cm/70kg/right footed

Pirtovsek Tadej
defender 2000-01-25

179cm/68kg/right footed

Ribic Amadej
defender 1999-02-03

170cm/61kg/right footed

Slamberger Fran
midfield. 2000-03-03

177cm/54kg/right footed

Steharnik Martin
defender 2000-01-08

185cm/72kg/right footed

Strah Dario
defender 2000-01-25

180cm/66kg/left footed

Stusej Jus
midfield. 2000-04-20

173cm/63kg/right footed

Trampus Marcel
midfield. 1999-06-03

179cm/68kg/right footed

Verhovcak Matevz
midfield. 1999-06-28

177cm/64kg/right footed

Zugelj Nino
midfield. 2000-03-05

182cm/63kg/left footed

Dobaj Bojan
team representative
Karanovic Radovan
head coach
Zajmi Tadej
Zenga Sebastjan