FK Senica (SLK)

The Football Club Senica was established in 1921. The newly originated Club started to progress quickly, but its expansion was hindered by the dark period of the World War II. The global conflict destroyed almost all of Senica’s football. Rudolf Pšúrny, who was the Chairman of the Club even prior to the war, did not allow football disappear from the town. He organisedmatches and tournaments. After the war, sports started to flourish in the Záhorie region again.

Year 1962 is inscribed in the Club’s chronicles with bold letters. The Football Club got a new stadium to use. It has been serving the players to this day. Opening of the sporting complex was accompanied with an exhibition match of players from the district of Senica and then vice-world-champions from Chile, including Jozef Adamec and Jozef Kadraba. Over the years, Senica has increasingly won respect in the field of sports. It was successful in lower league competitions as well as cups. It got to the absolute top for the first time in the season of 2009/2010, which started a new era of the Club. From this time FK Senica has reached several achievements. 

Previous names of the club:

1921 – 1928    ŽELEZNÁ ÚNIA SENICA
1928 – 1934    AC SENICA
1934 – 1939     FC SENICA
1969 – 2006    FK SH SENICA
Since 2006     FK SENICA

Top achievements:

Participant of Europa league: 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014
Corgon league (1st Slovakia league): 2010 – 2011, 2012-2013 – 2nd place
Slovak Cup: 2011-2012 – finalist 

Almasi Ladislav
forward 1999-03-06

196cm/82kg/right footed

Baláz Lukás
forward 1999-03-16

195cm/75kg/right footed

Beno Adam
right midfield. 1999-07-25

181cm/67kg/right footed

Bzdusek Filip
left defender 1999-04-11

178cm/74kg/left footed

Ducár Stanislav
right defender 1999-10-17

175cm/75kg/right footed

Erik Zula
forward 2000-04-28

190cm/78kg/left footed

Galba Mario
left defender 2000-01-11

180cm/73kg/left footed

Homola Matej
goalkeeper 1999-01-21

177cm/75kg/right footed

Jencík Tomás
forward 1999-01-08

171cm/62kg/right footed

Kovac Martin
cent midfield. 1999-07-03

174cm/67kg/right footed

Krisák Mário
cent defender 1999-05-14

192cm/86kg/right footed

Lepies Filip
midfield. 1999-12-22

178cm/70kg/right footed

Mader Matus
cent defender 2000-10-27

177cm/69kg/right footed

Martisiak Dominik
forward 2000-07-09

182cm/73kg/right footed

Masik Martin
midfield. 1999-01-08

177cm/65kg/right footed

Mihál Norbert
right midfield. 1999-02-26

184cm/65kg/right footed

Ratica Kristián
right midfield. 2000-02-20

175cm/65kg/right footed

Ravas Krisián
midfield. 1999-04-16

179cm/68kg/right footed

Snirc Adam
cent defender 1999-02-02

181cm/74kg/right footed

Stefanka Jakub
cent defender 2000-03-16

179cm/73kg/right footed

Vajs Matej
goalkeeper 2000-06-19

194cm/80kg/right footed

Vrtík Juraj
goalkeeper 1999-01-15

176cm/74kg/right footed

Zatko Filip
right defender 1999-07-15

175cm/71kg/right footed

Kúdela Stefan
Macek Stanislav
head coach
Spanka Daniel
assistant coach
Vrto Dusan
head of delegation